From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Waste"

Much like humans, businesses take morning shits! A business owner must choose what needs to vacate his company to keep it light enough to progress. The same as a toilet waiting to catch human waste, in a business world, there are business waiting to catch what was tossed away. The notion is not exclusive to waste. Jealous businesses lurk waiting to catch anything that was removed from an enterprise. From ideas, to materials, suppliers, even employees, a pyramid is based on this model. At the top of a pyramid you have innovation. By the time others catch your" ideas" or "waste" the concept has been watered down and disguarded. I have seen owners harp on this concept forever. The key to success is remembering what got you there. Once disguarded, waste should never be resurfaced. You made a choice, stick with it! You wouldn't want to look like a crazy person digging through a garbage bin now would you? It's #friday and as my employees and I clean the office, I see mad fucking people waiting to pick at our trash. The key to being YOU is YOU! Never forget that! Costumes, doppelgängers, wannabes, are garbage pickers. They will never be you, they can only pretend. Life is about reality, it goes on forever. Actors are only useful in a play. Always remember a "play" only lasts for three hours, you my friend will last for lifetime! #morninginspiration #vintageframes