From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Grapevine"

He said, she said, is an unfortunate reality in life. With constant innovations in the processing of messages many times the real message gets mixed up. By the time the dictator gets the message to the receiver the message can be transformed in the "grapevine". This idea very often is applied to business situations. What was originally said ends up being transformed into a very different reality. What could have started off as a positive message, could end up being received down the line as negative one. With so many sources for information it is our job as entrepreneurs to filter what is "real" and what is "fake". Words run a mile a minute, but we should only digest the valuable ones. This notion of getting information through "the grapevine" should be reserved for cliche California Raisin commercials, not a as a basis of which educate and make choices based on. The most successful transaction both verbal and physical are with the source. There is no better way to be sure you are getting the right information. Too many people base there decisions on what they "heard" not on what they were "told". The result, the adaptation of reality into fantasy. It's #thursday and for some this picture is a #tbt of there childhood, for me, it is a constant fucking reminder to never just believe what you "heard". Ignorance is wanting to believe something the easy way. Brilliance is never taking "talk" as anything more then chatter, and finding the reality from the source. The only real way to get correct information in life is from the source. If you base your education on the "grapevine" you will be seen as nothing more then a talking raisin. #morninginspiration #vintageframes