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The Vintage Frames Presents: Intern Shereen

I don’t really know what the conventional way to introduce myself on this thing is so bear with me! I’m very fortunate to come from a city where we have amazing homegrown talent and I’m all about supporting my city! The concept VFC has going, the passionate enthusiasm that’s put into everything, and the culture they represent got me infatuated and I was watching the company grow and decided I needed a front row seat to it all! The definition of success to me isn’t measured by your wealth, or your title, to me it’s all about how much love you have for what your doing and that’s exactly how I feel about fashion and exactly what this company embodies. Although being a student, I’m definitely more of a hands on person and like most people I wondered how a company like vintage frames is run and being up close and personal to it all is the type of experience that can’t be taught in a classroom. One thing I do know is that I can’t be like the norm probably why the vintage frames is such a good fit for me .. this place is full of Freaking Maniacs!


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