From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Support"

For those who know me well, you know I HATE #hockey. As a matter of fact my favorite time of the season is when the league is on strike! Everyday I receive different gifts at the VFC office. As much as I appreciate them all, I am very careful what I endorse. Sometimes you will see pics of them, other times, not so much. #Nike #Canada sent me one of their new hockey jerseys today. As nice of a gift as it was, it's what it stands for that I endorse. A companies social consciousness is very important to me. No matter how big or small the organization is, it's wealth is measured by how it gives back to the society that supports them. It's net worth isn't in dollars, it's in community. A large business debate is always what does a company "have to" give back to society. The answer, is nothing. Every company is free to practice in whatever way they wish, but when given the choice, we would hope they would stand up and act. The world we live in is a place we all created. It is full of possibilities, obstacles, and choices. As a community we hope to choose the right ones and build strength in numbers. As people we might not have the greatest effect alone, but as part of a unit, we are unstoppable. Unfortunately we all know someone who has waged a war with #Cancer. No matter what we think of our neighbors, nobody wishes this kind of plague on each other. Anything can be overcome together, it is time we stand up, and join the fight. It's #friday and you will see me in a fucking hockey jersey today supporting #TeamCanada with their fight for cancer. Everyone thinks they are invincible until they are weak. Everyone feels untouchable until they are touched. Social consciousness is being their for our neighbors, wouldn't you want them to be there for you? Too many people feel helpless in a fight alone, it's time to realize we are all together. Spread wealth in your community, and remember that doesn't represent dollars. Support doesn't have to be just financial, you can still make a difference by just simply being there. #morninginspiration #vintageframes