From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Pace"

As hectic as life gets, and as forward you believe the progression to be, it's always important to scale back, and review. This applies especially in a business where a fast pace seems to win the race. It is imperative to examine and make sure you haven't missed something. The most dangerous part of a fast paced rise is the possibility of a fast paced decline. Often the misconception of motion is that any movement is positive. This only stands true if you aren't leaving out important aspects on your ride. I have personally witnessed the largest businesses fall because of neglect. People start to ride a wave and before they know it, their surf board isn't even beneath them. The shock of that tumble often discourages people to get back up. That abrupt shock could have been avoided with the simplest of pace. It is impossible to grow at LightSpeed and notice all the small things. It is the neglect of those small things that will end in demise. There is only so much time until a grouping of many small become one big. Life is fun in the fast lane, just pay close attention to what you are passing by. It's #thursday no need for me to #throwback as reminiscing is for fucking "has-beens", and I am a "will-be". Walk before you run. Jump before you fly. The reality is the only real pace in life is the one you assign to it. Often we get so caught up on progression, we don't realize, we are really in the same spot spinning our wheels. Take your time, make every moment count, and every step be one in the right direction. #morninginspiration #vintageframes