Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Wears Cazal 633 Sunglasses

Cazal is one of the most revered sunglass brands amongst frame lovers everywhere, with the calibre and quality of each piece being what the brand is known for. The German made shades feature luxe characteristics in make such as 24 karat plated hardware, highly durable acetate frame bodies with intricate rhinestone and lacquer detailing. The genius behind the brand, Cari Zalloni, was never one to fit in but more stand out when it came to designer Cazals and built a reputation on creating a “maximalist” look with show stopping eyewear pieces. These definitive traits are what lead the brand to be one of the favoured frames of choice in the hip hop community; exuding status, power and style. So it comes as no surprise that when VCF was mobbin’ out in Vegas for the Magic trade show, that hip hop great Prodigy from Mobb Deep was stopped by the booth to stunt in the Cazal 633. With its clear acetate frames, rectangular shape, and delicate 24-karat hardware; it’s the perfect shade to wear to a high power meeting where you’re flaunting you prowess for success while maintaining a fly demeanor. Cop these shades at today and have anyone who meets your gaze shook; scared to death, scared to look.