Porsche Design By Carrera Frames: No. 5631

A premium pair of sunglasses is a necessity for any wardrobe. Just like a statement watch or a well crafted piece of luggage, a pair of sunglasses goes beyond serving just aesthetic purposes and provides the wearer with the confidence to face any weather condition or situation they see fit. Whether it may be that first real summer’s day where the sun is almost blinding to bare eyes; or the morning after a night that got mad real, in the words of Yeezy. The only issue is that with so many choices in styles, materials and brands to choose from; it isn’t a surprise that one might develop a mild case of ADHD. Enter these fashionable yet functional NO.5631 Porsche by Carrera Frames to be the cure to any case of indecisiveness. Carrera is infamous for its sunglasses and sports eyewear, priding themselves in their ability to produce the perfect shades that are a mix of style alongside purpose. The eye wear brand pioneered Optyl; which is a heat-hardened plastic material used in their pieces which reduces allergic reactions and provides an improved fit through a memory effect that provides permanent elasticity and stability. This ensures that not only do Carreras look amazing on, but provide the wearer with benefits other than looks. This is an important point when purchasing that definitive pair of sunglasses for day to day wear. The best feature about the 5631’s is that they have interchangeable frontal frames, meaning that you can change the colour and finish of lenses to suit your needs you’re asking from your shades. The dark solid tints can provide you with full protection from UV rays when you’re basking in the sun, and you can switch it up to the stylish colored gradient tinted lens option when you need your shades to give you enough mystique for an early evening rendezvous. It’s like getting two completely different pairs in one convenient package, perfect for those who are looking for quality but may be tight on budget; or even have the adversity of having to carry around more than one pair to anticipate a wardrobe change. Regardless of the circumstance, these Carerras are the perfect starter piece for an extensive frame collection or pending obsession.