From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Communication"

The digital world has done many important things for society. It has facilitated transactions, aided to gather information, and advanced our world at lightning speeds. As a result, many people fail to "exist" in the real world, and only exist in the "virtual world". People's idea of communication can be buffered by electronics almost creating awkward personal interactions. Some of you may be a little younger then me, many may be older and remember, but still today the most important tool in communication is the hand shake. Personal encounters always start with a hand shake. It is sort of a physical calling card that sets the tone of the conversation. You can tell a lot by how one shakes a hand. Without any verbal dialect you have set the tone for the moment. That first impression will reside with that person for the duration of the communication. Most skilled businessman will be able to sum up the conversation by that initial touch, not knowing the outcome of the conversation, but being able to predict the climate in which it will be served. Being able to physically set the tone for a conversation is a skill that can be used in any setting. Being able to anticipate actions from touch always keeps you two steps ahead. A strong firm handshake commands respect. A whimsy handshake allows to be conquered. As good as digital communication may be, it has made people regress into non social engagement. If this art is lost, society is back at square one. It's #thursday and I want to "throwback", but not so sure how fucking far I want to throw it, you feel me? It's time we all log off our iPhones and get back into real life. We can all type fast, abbreviate bullshit sayings, and tweet comments, but how many of you have had their communication skills fall to the side? How many of you have focused more on the emotions we send via text then the emotions we omit in personal touch? You may have quick typing fingers, but that doesn't make your handshake tough. Don't let the lack of personable engagement allow you to be conquered at first touch. #morninginspiration #vintageframes