From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro: "The Climb"

The climb to the top is long. Everyone's journey to get there is different. Some of us have help on the way, some of us scrape our knees. The road can be long, the journey can be hard. There is no elevator to success, if there was, everyone would push that button. True businessmen take the stairs. They build there muscles and endurance on the way up. They stop at many floors, sometimes as plateaus, sometimes to plan. Some people need to rest and take a room, some need to keep going. I personally could never sit still. On a journey from the bottom on the way to the top it is healthy to stop and look at the view. There is nothing wrong with taking a second to ponder the journey. Taking life one floor at a time insures you understand the path you have taken. If you get tired on the way up, rest. Never rest too long as someone else may have more endurance then you. When you finally reach the top, make sure you leave your mark. There may be room for many flags, just make sure yours can be seen from miles away. It's #monday and I am proud to say we are in fucking #lasvegas moving up floors, our flag is seen, and we are looking for new heights. Never see the top of the building as your limit. There are always taller buildings, new ways to get higher, go bigger, and broaden your horizons. The sky isn't the limit, it's a mythical plateau that only you can rise above. I am standing here watching my flag letting you know that there is lots of room for others. It's sunny up here, so always wear your mother fucking shades. #morninginspiration #vintageframes