Vintage Sunglasses TasteMaker: Elton John

Who is Elton John behind his glasses? Being one of the most influential and successful musicians of our time, his rise to stardom was a constant effort that with a few struggles, eventually landed him multiple Grammy awards, recognition from the Royal Palace, and more. One thing that a musician of his caliber has the capability of executing is the mastery of a new trend. Although his career lies in the hands of his musical talent, his eyewear trend started a new craze. Elton John’s style was dominant to his glasses. They made him who he was and who he still is today. His eyewear serves as trademarks in which he collaborates with his music. Owning more than 250,000 glasses, Elton Johns passion for eyewear runs neck and neck with his music. In the 1960’s Elton’s father introduced him to (what was called at the time) “black music” and it was then that his style broke through with the influence of artists such as Ray Charles and Billy Stewart. Elton John strived through the music industry hidden behind large frames that were often seen as impressive and flamboyant, exceeding the expectations of the general population of America. His frames have become as much a part of him as his music has, following him and his fans in ways that only culture can genuinely express. Without his glasses, he’s just not Elton John.