From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Costume"

I always hated Halloween. To me, it was an awkward day allowing people the opportunity to pretend they were something they weren't. What is the fun in that? People were allowed to choose someone to pretend to emulate. They would dress, talk, and walk like that person. They might even introduce themselves as that dude, however, at the end of the night, they were nothing but a dude in a costume. Many people go through life wanting to wear someone else's costume. It is ok to be inspired by a person. It is ok to aspire to be that person. It is NOT ok to go through life pretending your that person wearing their "costume". Chances are the reason you would want to go through life in that person's "costume" is because you like their individuality. Then why in the world would you want to be their copy? People can put a #montblanc in their #hat, #diamond #vintagesunglasses on their face, #louboutin on their feet, but they still aren't me. They are just wearing a costume! The true quality of an individual comes from within. It is what's inside that reflects what's outside. It is what's inside that is magnetic. It is what's inside that can't be duplicated. People may be able to purchase your "costume", but they will only ever be seen as someone playing dress up. It's #friday and if you a real mother fucker take off the fucking costume, Halloween is over. If you are, YOU are. If you ain't, YOU ain't. Just because you copped the music, watched the videos, and read the interviews doesn't make you that artist. If what you respect about that person is individuality, why wouldn't you try to be yourself? Anyone can buy a costume, only a few have the guts to be naked. #morninginspiration #vintageframes