From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Choise"

Our world is filled with choices. From what restaurant to eat at, to what #car to drive, to what job we want in life. As consumers we have choices. Things come in every shape, size, color and brand. Qualities stem from very low end, to very high end. It is our choice to choose which best fits our lives. Different attributes will stick out to different people. I am a flashy dude! When shopping for #sneakers I want wild, crazy, and colorful. Usually I lean towards #louboutin. My homie Dave makes more money then I do, could afford whatever he wants, and hates #louboutins. He is more of a low key guy rocking loafers. Same type of ideology applies to my hiring process. I look for wild, crazy, out of the box thinkers! Dave looks for conservative, play by the rules, drone type of dudes. Is either one better then the other? NO! They are just different flavors, and everybody has the freedom to choose! Many of us overlook freedom as we never grew up in a time where we were deprived said notion. There is no good, bad, pretty, or ugly in life, it all comes down to personal taste. What fits your life, may not fit another, and that's ok! Feel free to choose what makes you comfortable in life! To conform to someone else's vision is to immediately loose your freedom! It's #thursday and today I am rocking wild and fucking crazy #vintagesunglasses because that is the mood I'm in, and I'm FREE to do so! Live your life by what's right for you! Only you have to live with yourself. Too many times do I hear people living for someone else, even for their parents. Real love is unconditional, it isn't based on approval, it is based on purity! In a world with 31 flavors, only you know what tastes good. #morninginspiration #vintageframes