From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Kleenex"

Too many people live "Kleenex" lives. I'm sorry if you lost your job. I'm sorry if your girlfriend dumped you. I'm sorry you aren't as successful as your friends. I'm sorry you can't afford that #purse you wanted. I am NOT sorry that you are sitting there doing nothing about it! Life requires actions. Change requires movement. Destiny requires you to take the reigns. How many times have you heard people complain? How few times have your seen people get off their ass and be proactive? It blows my mind that many people in this society think that they are owed something. Who owes you something? The real answer is nobody but yourself! There is nobody that can do for you like yourself! There is nobody that can bring on change like yourself! There is nobody to wait on other then yourself! The softer the "Kleenex" the more comfortable people get. The more comfortable people get, the lazier they are! If it's time for a change, the time is now! If you were waiting for someone to tell you to begin, so be it! Get off your ass, life ain't a spectators sport! It's #tuesday and we do what we fucking need to progress. If you sat at the bus stop and missed the bus, start walking! People who look for a ride are at the mercy of the driver! If that driver wants to make a stop, it's his choice. Why are you waiting on someone else to get you where you have to be? Accept the failures, embrace the changes! Wipe your tears, blow your nose, and get over it! There is a whole world out there, don't ever count yourself out! #morninginspiration #vintageframes