From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Respect"

I grew up with a very "old school", "new school" mentality. When I was growing up attire was rather strict. You were shunned eating at a fancy restaurant wearing a #hat. When you would walk into a place with "status" wearing a #baseball cap, IMMEDIATELY you were looked at like a hood rat. It didn't matter who you were, what you did, or where you came from. At a young age I started to make my own money. I often ate at these restaurants that weren't "hat friendly". Most would attempt to make us conform to their rules of attire. My "old school" mentality beleives that taking off your hat is showing the greatest form of respect. In the case of a restaurant, there's NO WAY I was spending money and not being respected. Same went for clubs and bars. They going to tell me to take off my hat to enter a club playing Wu-Tang? You may be thinking JUST TAKE OFF THE FUCKING HAT, but the notion of equality and not conforming meant a lot to me. 15 years later, myself and all of #MTL is free to look how we want when we walk into an establishment. We've overruled the previous generation. We're the owners, we're the operators, and we're the consumers. Some of you might not realize that this was a triumph. You might have grown up in a world that's a result of these battles. If you ever see me take my hat off at an establishment, that's my "old school" mentality showing extreme respect. It's #friday and MTL is about to see a fucking sea of @40oz_van #snapback roaming the streets. The story of conforming to "hat laws" is just an example. This concept applies to many situations. The point is respect is a two way street. You can't respect, if you are't respected. It's our generation! We're the beat, and if the rest of the world has yet to understand that, it's time too show them! Everybody has their personal rules of conduct, never compromise when feeling belittled. There's nobody in this world that is more important then the next person. I personally take my hat off to all that won't compromise to be part of a society that looks down on them. #morninginspiration