From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Innovation"

I was asked in an interview for some European magazine yesterday if I "invented the wheel". My answer, clear, concise, and with conviction... NO I MADE IT BETTER! Other then technology, it is very rare to find a "new wheel". Inventions are incredible and can go hand in hand with progression, but they are just a starting point for what's to come. Most things have been done before, it is your goal to innovate and make them better. Objects are a canvas, it is creativity that make them move. Platforms are starting points, and the sky is the limit! Take #vintagesunglasses for instance. Did we make them? NO! Did we make them better? FUCK YA! Sometimes the best progression is innovation. Taking something old, and making better, or adding innovation to the object is equally as important as inventing. If everything was just invented, coined, and left to chill, nothing would ever get better. It's #tuesday my fucking scissors are out, my shredding face is on, and we about to innovate up in this motherfucker. You remember the dude who invented the t-shirt? NO! Remember that dope #Balmain t-shirt? YES! Use objects as platforms. Never be scared to push the limits the way that you think it should be done! Just because something was done, doesn't mean you can't do it better. Copying and innovating are two different things, make sure you understand the definition of each. I couldn't give a fuck who invented the wheel, but I sure as fuck know who customized mine. #morninginspiration #vintageframes