From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Keep Your Feet On The Pavement"

The distance between corporation and clientele is sadly getting greater. A Hollywood mask seems to be seamlessly representing success. Bottles and diamonds are becoming a result, not an reward. The second the success makes you leave the pavement, is the same second you loose yourself. People strive to leave the streets behind, I strive to represent them. I take great pride in movement, just as much as I do in capital. I constantly remember where I am from, and do whatever I can too never forget. In my city I represent youth. I represent revolt. I represent rise. I stay standing in the streets that made me, because without my feet on the pavement, how can I represent. #montreal showed love today. They rallied behind a movement, and the people that are moving. It isn't really supporting a culture from the top, if you aren't standing with the movement walking with them. I am proud to say I am a MONTREALER, and I am even more proud of my city and what we have accomplished. It's #saturdayand I am sitting at a table feeling super fucking awkward signing @40oz_van hats for the city, and as uncomfortable as it may makes me, the city has spoken. Thank you @exclucity and #montreal for showing this #bape wearing,#louboutin #sneaker stepping, bearded maniac so much love. No matter where we are at, never forget where we are from. Always remember, we walk together, and I am in these streets with you. #morninginspiration #vintageframes