The Vintage Frames Company Intern: Lilian Lane

I'm Lilian Lane from Washington DC and I have always been interested in the entertainment industry especially fashion. Growing up in DC it is kind of difficult to find jobs that interested me and was beneficial to what I wanted to do in life. Coming from a family business background I knew that I wanted to have my own business one day. I graduated from American University in Business Management but wanted actual industry experience. Interned at New York Fashion Week, DC Fashion Week and Nova Fashion Week and also worked as a board member for a fashion company called Fashionelle Marketing in DC as well. Lastly I was a studio manager at Elite City Studios in downtown Silver Spring MD which was different than what I was used to but eventually worked out for a minute. Blogging came in from the studio and from my children's outwear and accessories line I had set up back home. Today I blog about fashion trends and just anything stylish and motivational in general. I am now at Vintage Frames Company in Montreal and I am totally excited to get hands on experience with the industry, relax, work hard and do what I love.