From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Rock Them Today"

I used to be a "Deadstock" shoe collector. Every single #shoe I copped would stay in the box. It was almost a game to see how many boxes I could collect. Fast forward 15 years, I have more #sneakers then days left in my life. As I strolled through my warehouse of personal #kicks, I thought to myself, WHAT THE FUCK AM I WAITING FOR? I live my life like everyday is my last, but I can't bring myself to wear a pair of #nike #sneakers? This didn't make sense. As a collector by nature I understand rising value and fun in the game. As an enthusiast on life, I pride myself on seizing the day. Life is about actions! It is about taking charge and cherishing your every move! It is about NEVER waisting a moment, or letting an opportunity pass you by! Wether you are motivated by money, fame, health, love, or something else it's time to stop waiting for tomorrow! If something is possible today, tomorrow is too late! It is a shame to watch people loose opportunity and motivation just because they think tomorrow is another day! It's #tuesday and like the fucking maniac I am, I will start rocking all my sneakers tough, starting with the #christianlouboutin collection. You know what happens tomorrow, NO! Are you seeing what's happening today, YES! Don't be one of those people who waist their lives thinking tomorrow is the day! Today is the day! Today is your day! Tomorrow we move onto the next thing! Take the initiative and be proactive. You will always remember what pair of#louboutins you wore that day, you will never remember what #louboutin is just chilling in some box. #morninginspiration #vintageframes