From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Cookie"

Someone once told me "you can't have your cookie, and eat it too". I only slightly agreed with them because of the fact that I am diabetic. I looked that negative fucking teacher in her eyes and told her, "you too will be eating my cookie"! I am inspired by negativity. My favorite thing to do is to beat the odds. As I am not a casino gambler, I gamble with my life. I win some, and I loose some. The difference between my type of gambling is that I hold the odds in my hand. I am the house, I make the rules. The words "can't" and "don"t" always translated to me in my mid as "can" and "will". Success was always the best revenge, and let me tell you I served that shit too some heavy people! You may have been discouraged your whole life, but it seems you have had it all wrong. Instead of taking it as a negative, think of it as a positive. Think of it as an encouragement, a game if you will! Make the world realize that instead of counting you out, the whole time you were already in! It's #monday and like a fucking maniac I am delivering these @yodough x @vintageframes cookies to that teacher so she can see how #24kt #gold tastes. If you have a cookie, eat that shit! Who the hell is someone else to tell you what the rules are. If you can see it as possible, you are already half way there. You are the house ans hokd the odds! Find light in darkness, and positivity in negativity. Most negative dialect comes out of being scared of you. You are a force to be reckoned with! It's time to make a bakery and serve those haters some fucking cookies. #morninginspiration#vintageframes