From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Heritage"

I have said it before, and I will say it again: I remember important moments of my past by the #sneakers I wore. Since before I had my son I was collecting #kidsversions of the #nike #shoes I rocked in my life. Most people think its too make him fly, few really understand the depth of the idea. Every Sunday morning of my child's life secretly, I write him a letter. It will be used as a guidance and given to him when he is 18. It is the book of my life, and the book of his growth. It depicts all the information I want to pass on to help my son turn into the man I know he will be. As parents we hope to pass on the good, and teach how to avoid the bad. As a father, much like mine, there is nothing I will hold from him. What better way to teach the youth what it was to like too walk in your shoes, then by providing them those exact shoes. What better way to guide their path then by retracing your steps. What more real way can you let someone grow than by letting them make their own scuffs on their shoes. The best thing we can offer the youth is the truth. Nobody became a better person when information was sugar coated to them. Nobody was aided to grow when totally protected. Much like myself, you could of told me the stove was hot, but unless I got burned, I would have never learned. All we can do is be there to guide and make sure the burn isn't too severe. By placing him in my shoes and allowing him the opportunity to make his own marks, I am giving him the encouragement to grow into the man I know he can be. It's #sunday aka mother fucking Daddy day with my little homie and we rocking #montreal #cashinout. The story of the bubble boy was false. It wasn't when he was in the bubble that he ran out of air, It was when that bubble burst that he couldn't breath. Well rounded is no longer a perfect circle, it is accepting the jagged edges of our personal being. Show the youth the steps you took good or bad, but allow them the freedom to do it in their own shoes. He may rock the same #airjordans as me, but I guarantee he will lace it in his own way.#morninginspiration #vintageframes