From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Try Everything Once"

My teacher told me when I was young I couldn't start a #snapback company, and I did! My friends told me when I was young I couldn't get a #sneaker store to work in #montreal, and I failed! The only thing that matters is that I tried! I live with no regrets, just experiences. A bucket list works against your time on this planet, experiences are gathered from the start! Every time I am told I can't, I do! The outcome isn't always swimming, but I can never be disappointed with myself for not trying. Nobody is always going to succeed in life! It is the failures that make the person, not the successes. Without of having overcome obstacles, there is no reward in achieving. Try everything once! That is the only way you can make a real decision if you like it or not. Everyone is different, and so are opinions! What might be good for someone else, might not fly with you! It is ok not to conform to the rest of the world. It is NOT ok to not conform to yourself! You never know what you can do until you try. You only know what you haven't when you don't. It's#saturday and yes you are looking at a pic of me fucking drunk tattooing a dick on someone, who knew I couldn't draw until I tried! The only thing to regret is not trying. Who cares what other people think! This is your life and if you aren't already, you better start living it for yourself! There is a whole world out there that is waiting for you to get crazy! Who knows what the outcome is, and who really fucking cares. You never know where any successes or failures lead you. I mean who would have ever thought I would be sitting in a #tattoo chair drunk drawing on someone's leg. #morninginspiration #vintageframes