From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Gentlemen"

Last night I had the HONOR to be invited into the home of a man that I had only thought until yesterday was a myth. I pride myself on reading the beat of the streets and being able to attain goals I set for myself personally. This gentleman until yesterday was the only "un-realistic" goal I thought I had set for myself. As I entered the proud warmth of a brown stone in #NYC, my last immediate goal was no longer un-attainable, I was in the presence of Dapper Dan. For many years this man had been an inspiration too my businesses and #games I played. There was a certain quality associated with his hustles that money couldn't buy. He was the start of a rare dying breed I like to call, "Gentlemen". Normally I am researched before a meeting. In this case, I wanted to be open to the experience. I came un-prepared with direction, but eager to learn. Besides the clothing aspect which is obvious from a historical standpoint, there were many levels to this pioneer. He had many hustles and looked beyond the "game" examining people's every move. When I was young I hung around street dudes but unlike many people I was interested in the way to play the "game", not the fame that came with the hustle. The common denominator between #dapperdan and myself was the strength to prevail, the willingness to learn, and the ability to share. His words even though profound were not pretentious, and his level of thinking was un-common to any clothing mogul I had met. What this man reinforced in my mind in a very short time was that myth can be turned into reality, and the only thing glorious about the streets is the elegance of a few. It's #Wednesday and if you think you know it all, I promise you somebody, somewhere, will eventually put you in fucking check. A story is only a story when read. An experience is only an experience when lived. Knowledge is only worth passing on when the receiver is open to receive. Sometimes a preconceived notion based on only a portion of a mans documented past just might answer the door wearing a 3 piece suit re-teaching you what YOU thought you taught. #morninginspiration #vintageframes