From The Desk of Dr.Shapiro: "Big Dreams"

New York, New York, BIG city of dreams. Most people come to #NYC with BIG HOPES and BIG DREAMS. When they walk the streets they get a sense of possibility. As the musky air fills their noses the one thing that comes to mind is drive. Everyone smells something different. Everyone sees something different. Possibilities are in the eye of the beholder, and so are the means of accomplishing them. The best person for the job is you! The best person to execute your dream is yourself. People often have a vision but rely on others to accomplish it. Its sad but true that in this life only YOU have your life in your hands. You may have trusted advisors, mentors, even teammates, but when all that fog clears, there is only one standing. If you have no faith in yourself, you have nothing. If you rely on others and they fail, there is nobody to blame but YOU! If you want it, YOU get it! Nobody is waiting to fulfill your dreams, as much as you think they are, you are going to be very disappointed when you find out otherwise! It's #Tuesday and I'm in #NYC where this whole Vintage Frames Company thing fucking started, once again realizing that only I have the power to accomplish my dreams. Help is cool, but if they aren't leading they don't care as much as you do. Too many things can arise when you trust other people and once again at the end of it all, you are still the only one to blame. Every successful business man realizes that eventually they must re-take the reigns, hopefully you realize is sooner then later. #morninginspiration #vintageframes