From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Joe's Stone Crab"

For those know me well if my phone is off, and I am not in #montreal, you know im at Joe's Stonecrab. Everyone has their favorite place, and this is mine. Most people order their crab with pre-cracked shells, I like to crack my own. Part of the fun of business is cracking shells. Dodging obstacles and taking down the "hardest" of businessmen is what drives me. I always laugh when people under estimate me because of my attire. The most aggressive businessmen loose their competitive edge over ignorance. Just like the hard shell of a stone crab, anyone's "shell" can be cracked. Buildings can be crumbled, and armor can be penetrated. Every structure has a flaw or weakness. It is the wise that examine ones weaknesses as closely as their strengths. Never be intimidated by a "shell", the truth is "shells" are usually hiding a weakness. Pressure tactics and wit are all you need to prevail. Like a Stone Crab loosing a claw, you too will rejuvenate. You can never know your own strengths before finding your weaknesses. Opponents with "shells" are hiding a weakness, it is up to you to examine it and find the right place to crack. The truth of the matter is the most dangerous crabs are the ones with only one claw. It's #monday and I'm heading to #nyc to do private appointments and crack some fucking shells. This mentality might be a bit aggressive for some, but it's a doggy dog world out there. You either eat, or get eaten. There are no rules to combat, only rules within. Never be afraid of someone in a fancy "shell". Normally that armor is hiding their weaknesses. You gotta make a call; are you going to attack or are YOU going to be attacked. No matter what your chosen path may be, always be aware of that crab with one claw.#morninginspiration #vintageframes