Vintage Givenchy GV075 Brooch Now Available At The Vintage Chains Shop

Our Vintage Chains Shop has everything in the realm of jewelry: whether it be chains, earrings, bracelets, rings, belts, watches, and even brooches. The collection of brooches we have are not as hyped up as some of the other things, so I think it is important to highlight the vintage brooches we have. Beginning with the vintage Givenchy GV075, which is a personal favourite. This brooch is simple with a triple-gold dipped matte finishing; and it has the fashion house Givenchy’s name with artistically situated letters. If you really want to stand out in front of people, change it up and start rocking a brooch. This is a timeless piece that never went out of style, but it's your chance to redeem its value by starting to rock the rarely seen phenomenon. The Vintage Chains Shop online has this brooch, as well as many more pieces; so make sure you go online and check it out!