From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Find Your Passion"

I met this guy at an industry party in #berlin. He was so excited to see an #mmg on my hat as if he had been dying to talk about #hiphop for his whole life. He asked me how I got the #snapback and what I did for a living. I explained him a brief history and he was SO mesmerized it was almost motivating too see. I asked him what he did for work and he replied, a garbage man. He continued to tell me how good he was at his job, how much he loved it, AND that he wouldn't change it for the world, not even for my job. The coolest thing about passion is perception. The ability to perceive things your way allows you to create your own happiness. This garbage man found "passion" in his work while most would of frowned upon the profession. I too get off on what I do. Although most people see the "glamorous" side of it, that is my least favourite part. I found myself taking my passion and drive to Germany to dig through a filthy warehouse full of#vintagesunglasses. That is the part of life that excites me! That is the part of my job that motivates me! That is why I LOVE what I do! People become the BEST at what they do when they find one little thing they love to do, give it their all, and let their passion turn to success. It's #saturday and digging today lead me to dog a pair of fucking #christianlouboutin #sneakers and scratch my mother fucking #rolex, but hey, I had the best time ever! You can't fake happiness. You can't fake passion. You can't pretend to be driven. You will not succeed without smiling. Too much time is waisted being bitter about what we DON'T like instead of finding passion for what we DO like. Prestige isn't being better or in a higher earning bracket then your neighbour, it's is however achieved by being happier with yourself then another. Today I met a garbage man who loved what he did more then anything in the world. If someone can find passion sifting through other people's garbage and love every second of it, there is NO reason you can't LOVE what you do. #morninginspiration #vintageframes