From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Communication"

The notion of communication is imperative. With technological advances face to face combat is on it's way out. From "Internet Thuggs" to "text bandits", the world is full of informal communication from the safety of a hand held device. The beauty about the old days, is that people could see the conviction in your eyes. It was that danger in your eyes that let them know you were a brawler. With people building "removed" egos and courage from the mobile safety of a cellphone, communication as a whole has changed directions. As well written as I may be, or maybe "liberally expressive" I too get shunned by people who feel protected by a LAN line and satellites. In my particular situation today it was a necessity to travel to have these particular discussions face to face. Old school, new school, no school, verbal communication face to face is the most proper and efficient way to go about problem solving. You can always tell the real from the fake by the dude that shows up at your door, vs the person that types a long SMS. It's#friday and problem solving finds me in #germany where a fucking face to face resolution was achieved, and a celebration is in order. Cool, you fucked that dude up on text. Oops, he's gonna fuck you up in real life! The downfall to mobile communication is it gives one a false sense of reality. Realize that the mobile device is a means of communication NOT a weapon. If a text messages is your sword of choice, you better reconsider your "provider". Ya feel me?#morninginspiration #vintageframes