From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Review"

The most important thing every week, is the week in review. Too many people march forward without knowing where they are going. Direction in life is forward thinking. Many people set off in a circular journey, always walking but never sure where they intend on heading. Although paths may and do change, direction is important. On your path there may be road blocks, hurdles, and obstacles. The only thing to do is be strong enough to move forward. Jump, swing, climb, dodge, on your road to greatness there should be no man or obstacle to stand in your way. By reviewing your successes and mistakes, only then will you be able to fine tune your march. If you have a path that you must take, make sure you do it with stride. Life is an empty book, once you have been handed a pen, it is yours too write! It's #thursday not the day to "#throwback" but the day to fucking review. Ignorance is bliss until you realize, it becomes a reality. Your destination is better achieved with knowledge. Your path is better determined with review. Instead of walking in circles be big enough to recognize your weaknesses, and focus on making them your strengths. #morninginspiration #vintageframes