From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Be The Shepherd, Not The Sheep"

In #Berlin some buyer for a clothing company, a little older, a little more removed, and a lot more arrogant defined our generation as "Sheep". He continued to rudely announce that we were just copying his generation. He only stopped fucking lecturing me when he asked what I do for a living. I replied, "make money off your generations failures". Even though he came at me with the wrong energy, he brought up a valid point, our generation is a little like "sheep". I'm going to make a bold statement early on to get it out of the way. I believe he is correct. The sad true part of our generation is that people are sometimes afraid to walk off from the herd. They are too caught up following, and not concerned enough with being themselves. Forced "coolness" and "desire" to stand out in the herd STILL makes you part of the line. Instead of coming off looking like an individual, it comes off looking silly. Certain things in life can't be faked, leadership is one of them. Individuality is another. Some people do need to be on a group, but regardless of your surrounding you should always be comfortable to stand alone. If you must be part of the "herd" you better be the shepherd not the sheep. It's #Wednesday and in a whole convention center full of fucking "fashion" brands, very few stand alone. In life everything always has a front and a back. In order to lead you have be the first in line, the first to step, the first to get dirty. Be a leader. Be an innovator. Be you! Leaders have a natural ability to take the first step, it is that which makes them unique. Being true to yourself will make you an "individual", if you force your "individuality", you will just end up looking like another sheep in a#kanyewest costume. #morninginspiration #vintageframes