From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Draw Your Line"

There are so many fine lines in life. They are boundaries set by individuals and organizations. They represent the limits that one will gracefully accept. In life, we have "lines" that we personally would like respected. When they are compromised people have different reactions. They are a sense of "fair warning". They allow the on-comer to decide wether they want to deal with the possible ramifications. Life is about playing fair, to an extent. There comes a time where you have to draw the line, and make a point to those who cross it! It must be known that YOUR personal "line" was drawn for a reason. It must be heard that YOU do not take this type of disrespect lying down. On the other hand, sometimes in life you need to take a step over the line. Goals and obstacles are achieved by pushing the limits. Limits are made to be broken, and new records put in place. It is called progression. Very often on the path to a progressive future you will get cut, bruised, and stuck in the mud. Those aren't excuses to stop you in your tracks. It's #tuesday and no matter if you are drawing your line in the sand, or fucking stepping over one, hold your ground. Be well aware that boundaries were created, and examine to see whether you want to deal with the consequences of crossing them. Dig your feet in the ground, dare to get your #louboutin #sneakers dirty. Progression wasn't made by spectators, it was made by aggressive fucks who were aware of all possible outcomes and were willing to take their chances anyways. #morninginspiration #vintageframes