Missoni M 831 86M Sunglasses At The Vintage Frames Shop

Missoni M brand is known for their fresh and colourful, and cool and chic outlook. With a distinctive style advocating free spirits, they are a brand that The Vintage Frames Company prides themselves in carrying. Italian fashion house Missoni never fails to bring their customers the best of the best. Given that we are loyal to our customers in satisfaction as well, Missoni is the perfect pair to snatch. The Missoni M 831 86M is a piece that revives the current fashion phenomenon of the 1950’s inspired round-lens. This piece takes that fashion statement and ups it to another level. At a reasonable price, this frame does a lot more than make you look good. The round shaped lens has a bottom semi-circular gold outline in the frame, with the top having a bold black colour that continues on to the temple of the sunglasses. If I haven’t convinced you to get on to The Vintage Frames Shop and buy this perfect pair of sunglasses yet, believe me when I say I could go on forever about these frames. Don’t miss out!