The Hux Hour: Ultra Goliath II Leather Bound

The biggest baddest frame in the game! The Ultra Goliath II is a magnificent frame because it's bold with out any flash. It's a massive frame that comes in solid colors,  has a simple design, and is extremely versatile. You just can't deny how dope this frame is. Countless stars have worn them through out the years like D.M.C., Harry Caray, George A. Romero, Snoop, etc.. Hell it's the signature frame of the big boss Corey Shapiro! But today isn't about the normal Goliath II.

Today we're discussing the leather bound edition. Made for the jiggiest of individuals with an eye for style. Made in extremely small quantities. Ultra took the the Goliath II and took it to the next level. Wrapping the frame with contrasting colored leathers and giving already outrageous frames even more life.

The tortoise has brown leather with tan accents,black with tan and burgundy accents, & the crystal pair with it's grey leather and burgundy accents. Pictures don't even these justice. If you're ever lucky enough to grab these frames do ti and don't give it a second thought. But until you're look enough to I'll just let you admire my pairs =)