From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "RICH State Of Mind"

This post isn't about #money. This post isn't about #success. This post is about unity. This post isn't about caring. This post isn't about being accepted. This post is about coming together. There is strength in numbers and power in people.@40oz_van and I came together to unite #internationalyouth. It was time someone represented the un-heard voices of our generation. The misconception about the #RICH hat is that it has something to do with money. The true meaning of the hat is to represent a "state of mind". Wealth doesn't have to be associated with dollars, it can be used to explain a train of thought. We all want to better ourselves and live a "RICH" life. "RICH" in family, "RICH" in friends, "RICH" in health and so on. I strive everyday to be the best person I can be. Financial gain or not, any experience can make me #RICHER. To put your heart into anything you try is very "RICH". To help someone around you is even "RICHER". To break down walls and hurdle obstacles is as "wealthy" as it gets. It is time to stand up for what you believe in. It is time to look at "NO" in a different way. It is time to realize you are NOT alone. There are millions of us out here, and if anything, realize you are "Rich" with our support. It's #monday and it is time to unleash our "RICH" movement to the fucking world. Stand up for what you have always believed in. Make your dreams a reality. Be the best you can for yourself, and your loved ones. The only thing "POOR" in life is someone who has given up on themselves. NO idea is dumb, and NO failure isn't a success if you are enriched from it. We are all #RICH, it's time to realize that. Support the movement, and always know you are NOT alone. #morninginspiration#vintageframes