The Hux Hour: St.Moritz 404

I said it before and I'll say it again the less famous shades are the greats and the St. Moritz is one of them! I really wish there was more info on these frames or the company St. Moritz  but enough of my woes.  The 404 is a special frame to me. It was my second pair of vintage frames ever. I'm glad I took a chance on a frame I knew nothing of. When you look at the 404 it looks like an average gold aviator. But it's anything but average. Just take a look at the sun face on the gated bridge!


I've personally never seen anything like that on any other frame and I love it. I love when companies put little details like this on their frames. But else where on the frame it has silver details to give a sharp contrast to the gold. The 404 also features spring loaded temples  and burlwood temple ends. The springs make the temples stay in place at all times and the burlwood screams luxury. Even with all that St. Moritz went even further and included transitional mineral lenses. For those not familiar transitional lenses darken in sun light and turn clear when inside of buildings. St. Moritz put their everything into these frames and it really shows. Some times I'm still in awe of the quality and attention to detail on these frames. It's stuff like that got me hooked on vintage frames and has me still hooked to this day.