From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Creativity"

What fun would life be if we were all alike? I pride myself on having the most eclectic set of maniac friends on this planet. My favourite thing is to watch people's reactions as their heads turn when we pass. #TBT to our #rich event in Miami. The most eclectic crowd of individuals came out to play. From #hipstersto #rockers, from @kingpush to @trinidadjamesgg. Seeing as it was for an#art weekend I was interviewed by a rather "formal" art magazine. The most, and only interesting question I was asked was "What brings you all together?", I responded, CREATIVITY. @travielazarus is one of the most creative minds I know. He prides himself on bleeding and sweating creativity from his pores. There is no artistic medium that escapes him. @40oz_van is a visionary. He has bred a culture in need of definition and a breath of fresh air. Myself, well, how many aggressive businessmen do you have that basically look like Robocop most of the time. As different as all of our backgrounds are, we are brought together by creativity and passion for our art. Half of the battle in living a creative life is being around people who inspire you. Too many individual are takers, not enough are givers. Whenever someone tells me they are "blocked" in life the first thing I suggest for them to examine is their environment and the company they keep. Creativity is electric, and more contagious then any flu. They key is being in the right environment to catch it. It's #thursday and I still can't forget the priceless scared fucking faces the clients of Joe's Stone Crab had when they saw two maniacs like @trinidadjamesgg and I walk in to dine. If your feeling starved for creativity, change your environment. If nobody around understands your creativity, change your friends. There is no right or wrong way to create and no right or wrong thing to create. It is #2013 not 1913. If we can do it, so can you! If these three fucking maniacs in the picture above can find acceptance in this world, you can too. #morninginspiration #vintageframes