From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Stereo Types"

I'm a BIG believer in Stereotypes! #lasonic#prosonic#panasonic all that shit when it comes to stereos, NOT when it comes to judging other people. My life consists of bringing #luxury #fashion to a world that is shitted on by "old world" mind sets. Certain groups of people believe that because we look a certain way that we have NO RIGHT to wear clothes that are "meant" for them. Here is a little tidbit for those ignorant people with this archaic mindset: THERE WOULD BE NO LUXURY WITHOUT YOUTH! Who saved #gucci#versace#lv and most other brands from financial strain? OUR GENERATION! Who collaborated with the luxury houses to make them "innovative" again? OUR GENERATION! Who is treated like scum when we enter #designer #fashion boutiques! OUR GENERATION! Yesterday I was laughed at by a "salesman" when he looked at me, he chuckled, and said "HI. Mr. Hip-Hop". First off, that's Dr. Hip Hop to you. Secondly, watch as I reach my hand into my 2000 dollar #balmain #denim which I am having such a hard time doing because the ice on my #Cartier watch is preventing my from easily accessing my pocket, so I can give you the finger and tell you to fuck off! The best is this is probably the same guy that hops in his car and puts on the latest @richforever album. OUR GENERATION has it all wrong! We are NOT privileged to shop at these stores, they are privileged to have us as customers. It's #wednesday and "Mr. HipHop" is coming back to your store for round fucking 2, and this time, I GOT JOKES! The only reason we are "stereotyped" in today's world is because WE LET IT HAPPEN! It is time to rise and be heard by the masses, the funny thing is, WE ARE THE MASSES! This is OUR GENERATION, and we can be treated the way WE WANT! The next time someone starts talking "Stereotypes" with us, it better be asking for advice on electronics. #morninginspiration #vintageframes