The Hux Hour: Dior Monsieur 2023

Dior is hands down my favorite designer when it comes to vintage frames. Don't get me wrong I love Alpina & Cazal but Dior is number 1 in my eyes. They have a huge archive of amazing designs. Frames made in beautiful colors, outlandish shapes  and they're made to be worn with a suit or a tee shirt and jeans. The  Dior Monsieur 2023 is no exception.



As usual Dior took an unusual shape and made it work.  I'm not even sure what you would describe it as honestly. It's a bit of a bug eye shape with straight temples. But once you put them on they just work. The fit is amazing and go perfectly with a clean button up. And as always Dior used the finest of Optyl. But  for the 2023 they used a marmoreal Optyl. The color is beautiful it's a light brown almost bordering on orange. It's a ashame you can't get colors like these any more.  But then again frame like these wouldn't be exclusive to jiggy Gentlemen and Bawses like Ross