The Hux Hour: Sweden Frames Midnight Sun


The Sweden Frames "Midnight Sun" is one of those strange frames you've never heard of but are hard to forget when you see them. I came across my pair by pure chance one night and had to have them. The frame has an unorthodox almost hexagon shape and is made of a translucent gradient brown that fades to blueish purple acetate. Features two cut outs on the bridge, something I've never seen done on a frame. The temples have the same two cut outs as well.

It's strange but still extremely wearable. It's a pretty big frame (size 58-18) and sits nicely on my nose. And I have to go back to the gradient coloring through out the body once again .It's not often you see frames made like this. The pictures don't do the frame justice. It's a sight to behold seeing the transition from one color to the other. To say the Midnight Sun is a strange pair of sunglasses is an understatement. While it is a strange one I really love them for being so daring.  It's nice to see a frame so abstract coming from a time when almost every company was putting out extremely imaginative designs.