Cari Zalloni Vintage Cazal 607 Matte Black Tribute Edition Frames from The Vintage Frames Company

There are no cooler frames than the Cazal 607. The thick frame in all of its squared beauty is one of the most recognizable frames on the plant. Its distinguished by its convex shape and futuristic look (although is was designed in the 80's). We have many colors available of the Vintage Cazal 607 frame, but now for a limited time we are offering the Cazal 607 in a sleek Matte Black. Having launched Cazal in 1975, Cari Zalloni was adored by the hip-hop scene in the 1980s. Still to this day Cazal remains one of the most iconic eyewear brands in the world and certainly one of the most sought after. Vintage Cazals are arguably at the very core of the collectible eyewear market, with some original models frequently reaching four-figure sums. In honor of a very iconic figure Vintage Frames is proud to present the Cazal 607 Matte Black Tribute Edition frame.

The Matte black adds a subtlety to the frame like never before. The glossy black attracts quite a bit of attention to itself while the matte black emits a more low-key vibe. These frames are absolutely incredible, from the quality of manufacturing to the timeless design. Pick up a pair of matte black Cazal 607 sunglasses while they last at The Vintage Frames Shop.