Will Ferrell in Vintage Cazal 607 Sunglasses Available at The Vintage Frames Shop

Everybody knows Will Ferrell this funny man was the star of Saturday Night Live for a number of years. During that time he took part in more hilarious skits than one can imagine. One of the funniest segments was the impersonation of legendary baseball broadcaster Harry Caray. In this skit Ferrell is the host of a space program where he interviews astrophysicyts. Now the real Harry Caray would usually rock a pair of Ultra Goliaths but in this skit Will Ferrell has on the iconic Cazal 607 Sunglasses. The Cazal 607 sunglasses were designed in the 80's by Cari Zalloni, and became world reknown shortly after. These are not just frames they are a part of history. The name Cazal will live on for years to come, their frames remain timeless even in a world of ever evolving fashion. These are a must have for any frame collector. They are also a must have for people trying to make a name for themselves in 2013. Start the year of right with a fresh outlook on life through a pair of Vintage Cazal 607 Sunglasses from the Vintage Frames Company. Visit The Vintage Frames Shop and see our diverse selection.

Check out the full skit HERE