The Hux Hour: Cazal 858

   The Cazal 858 is probably the most easily recognized sunglasses of all time. Virtually worn by every celeb or jiggy person ever and coveted by sunglasses enthusiast around the world. Cari  Zalloni pushed the envelope with the Cazal 800 series using asymmetrical shapes and bold colors to create some of the most exciting frames ever.

While not the most practical to wear, they are show stoppers. When ever I've worn my normal 858s I've been stopped in the streets and had people fawn over them. But when I brought out the deluxe pairs with snake skin and Swarovski Crystal people would go crazy!




The Cazal 858 is just amazing all around. Made with top notch Acetate making sturdy and extremely comfortable to wear. Cazal also used some of the finest Chinese lacquers to really make the colors pop. All the pics used are of the original pairs for the 1980s and look how the colors pop! You don't get quality like that any more. Cazal will always be in a league of their own and the 858 shows why they have such a strong legacy.  The 858 is truly a masterpiece, it 858 even looks great on bears!