From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Like Father, Like Son"

Like #father, like #son is a statement that really you can't fully understand until you are a father. People used to tell me that I remind them of my father. As much as I fought against it (for no reason other then for the sake of it) the truth is I am. It was only when I had my son and he started talking and walking that I truly grasped the concept. As I came down stairs this morning my son was playing with his new #adidas #sneakers. In a room full of toys, he chose those as his point of amusement. In a world full of my "toys" I too chose #shoes as a source of my amusement. He was so proud to show me that we had similar interests without even being able to properly communicate it. I am a rather visible person on an international level. Many people pay very close attention to what I do. Some for competition reasons, some for inspirational reasons, and some just to hate. As close of attention as these people pay too me, my son is REALLY watching. In his eyes I can do no wrong. In his eyes I am perfect. There is no doubt I will pass on some of my not so great qualities too my son (I am FAR from perfect), however I make a more then conscious effort to instil my good ones. Digital life, business life, social life are all important. Family life and the bond between parents and child is the only one that really counts. It's #sunday and there ain't no way my son is letting go of that fucking @exclucity bag. Daddy has one, so will he! Be conscious of your good and your bad. Realize you are teaching your youth both. As important as it is to show the good, it is even more important to explain the bad. Wether you are a parent, uncle, god father, or friend SOMEONE is watching with big bright eyes soaking your every move. Be their source of inspiration, not there source of demise. #morninginspiration #vintageframes