From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Timeless"

My #business is #vintage. Timeless classics, mixed with #rich heritage is the easiest way to describe the #sunglasses we sell. Like a fine #cognac, something's get better, and gain value with age. Wisdom is like a fine cognac; it only continues to rise in value and equity as it gets older. When I was young I thought I knew everything, as I got older, I realized I knew nothing! Knowledge can be passed down, but experiences have to be lived. I always wonder why friends of mine still stick to their guns that they "knew better" when they were younger. The immature count out age. They dismiss the idea of aging being linked to wisdom. Naturally as time progresses the opportunity to learn, and refine is evident. Their is nothing wrong with getting older! Youth is in spirit NOT age. I know old dudes who still listen to #hiphop, mess with young chicks, and wear#dope #fashion. Stereotypes are built around ignorance. Life is what we make of it. Age doesn't have to be associated with decline, it can be just as easily paired with blooming. You decide your "aging equity"! If you want to "rise in value", that's what I'm saying! If you want to "decline and decay", y'all are on your own! It's#saturday and I hope you realize there is not a single fucking person other then yourself that controls your destiny. My value as a "cognac" rises with every second. Why you may ask? That's the way I have decided to live and control my life. Treat yourself as an "equity" and take your value, wisdom, and path into your own hands. Waiting for someone to tell you your own value will leave you on the shelves with all that cheap cognac forever. #morninginspiration#vintageframes