Guess Who Wears The Vintage Frames Company "Trouser Snake" ?

The Vintage Frames Company "Trouser Snake" Frame is truly unique. It came to life when the creative minds of Amber Rose and VFC head maniac Corey Shapiro wanted to do something different. They wanted to stray away from the everyday styles you see today and truly create something of their own. Each "Trouser Snake" frame is handcrafted using only the finest python and snake skins. The first release of the project was widedly held as a tremendous success and with 2 more colorways coming the "Trouser Snake" is definitely a frame that you want to get your hands on. These frames are quite rare and limited in quantity so act fast because you would not want to miss out. Visit The Vintage Frames Shop for all the details.

Here are just a few of our friends who are already wearing The Vintage Frames Company "Trouser Snake"


Perez Hilton


Snoop Lion