From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Confidence"

In a room full of people I stand out. Even if I try to blend in without all the crazy #jewelry#sunglasses, and #louboutin #sneakers, It is very well known when i have arrived. Since I have been a #baby I have had a rather strong presence around me. People even say if they close their eyes, they could feel I'm there. Confidence is electrifying. It lets people know you are here, and ready to play. It shows the world that you are a force to be reckoned with. If you strip off all the#designer #fashion#shoes, and #accesories FEW people are left standing tall. Most people would feel they are naked, a select few would feel they are "covered" with confidence. Ego and confidence are two very different things which are often mistaken as combined attributes. Confidence is believing in yourself, ego is feeling yourself. If you aren't confident about what you are doing, chances are, IT'S WRONG. When you are certain of yourself, your confidence will allow you too succeed. When you second guess your choices, you already know your wrong. Although "chance" is a possibility, "certainty" is a reality. It's #wednesday forget about what the fuck you are wearing on the outside, and drape yourself in your fucking confidence. "Designer" can be bought, "confidence" is earned. Short, tall, fat, thin, stand tall in your environment. What you can see on the outside is basic, what you feel on the inside is unstoppable. The biggest businessmen have been chopped at the knees because they have under estimated opponents by attire, the wisest businessman have closed their eyes and seen past the exterior. In your life NOBODY is better suited then YOU! It's time to show the world in #2013just who they are fucking with. #morninginspiration #vintageframes