From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro: "Attack the Task Together"

As eclectic as my staff may be we all have a common voice. Can I honestly say that we would all be hanging out in life if we hadn't met through #vintage #frames, probably not! The most important part of any company is it's voice. No matter how different the employee next to you may be, you all need to be on the same page. Time and efforts are to often waisted with single employees off on their own tangents. The key to VFC is that we love what we do. We share in successes and failures. Nothing is hidden from employees. We believe that in our social structure, since we are all attacking a task together, that the decision making should be a group effort. Too many companies treat their employees as "numbers" instead of people. What I bring to the table isn't what Justin or Myriam might. It is a combination of different people's personal experiences that create a valuable entity. Trust amongst team members allows you to concentrate on more important things like progression! If time is waisted second guessing your team it isn't really a team, it's a babysitting service. It's #sunday and as I prepare for fucking #2013 I am anxious to push my team to new heights, you should want to do the same with yours! Growth much like success is more valuable in numbers. Leaving your surroundings behind just creates resentment and hostility. Too achieve longevity you need trust and man power. If you are one of those people that know you can do everything on your own, just imagine how much more efficient that would be with a strong team behind you. #morninginspiration #vintageframes