From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Solid Structure"

I am writing this post from an airport where I have slept overnight. The reason I have slept here? Logistical errors, and refusal of people to take responsibility for a situation. I always try to look at the upside to any situation. As hard as it is to find it in this one, it has brought certain very important customer service issues to the table. My staff and I have one philosophy at #Vintage #Frames #Company, make a decision and take responsibility for it no matter what the outcome. I have been in too many situations where employees try and pass the buck. What that results in is 250 people in an airport with no food or water access including children and diabetics. The most valuable lesson at any company should be the contingency plan. What do you do when things go wrong? A great offence and frontline is awesome, but that all falls to shit if you don't have any defence. No matter how good the front may look, if there isn't a backend, it's just a "FRONT". It's #friday, I slept in an airport last night, and paid 25 dollars to some fucking dick for a bag of "aftermarket" chips. Is the customer always "right", NO! However the customer has the "right" to inquire and be answered by someone who truly is there to help. The result of a "Front" with no backend is simple, eventual failure. Without support and structure the wind can bring down your structure. Just because you have a pretty front end doesn't mean it makes up for a missing backend. #morninginspiration #vintageframes