From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Support"

I'm guessing unless you are new to following the #vintage #frames #instagramyou know I am from #montreal. I was born and raised and am proud to call this city my home. 80%of my businesses started in #MTL. What was the one problem I found about this city, SUPPORT! My first failed endeavours I was raped for sponsorships from people. Being new, I wanted to do it all! The result, HUGE amounts of "SUPPORT" for NOTHING in return. As my business grew and I used MTL as a hub city rather then a primary means for business everyone wanted to again get "SUPPORT". Being rather seasoned and wiser I gave support to who I thought deserved it based on who supported us! Reverse the situation, one of my many titles is a #stylist and personal shopper. Being very well travelled I can choose to spend my dollars almost anywhere in the world! I very carefully allocate my dollars back to companies that have and continue to support me. Some people would say success is the best revenge, I believe success ain't shit unless shared. What good is your success is you keep it all to yourself? It's#wednesday ain't it a fucking bitch if you slept on this kid wishing NOW he would forget and support you! Remember there are MANY places to spend your money and support. Choose wisely! We are a global economy these days. If someone still acting snobby about selling you the #nike or #adidas #sneakers you want, somewhere else in the world the wont be! Shouts to @exclucity for showing love and respect. As you can see people, a little "SUPPORT" goes a long way.#morninginspiration #vintageframes