From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Everyday's XMAS"

At all times during the year people refer to me as #santa . Probably because I have a big beard, am slightly overweight, and always wearing #redbottoms. Even more cliche is the fact that I am Jewish. I have always found it interesting that as I grew up #xmas became less and less about religion, and more about kindness and unity. Even though Santa is NOT real (sorry kids), the idea of what he stands for is! Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tangible, and some aren't. People often mixup the notion of "giving" and relate it only to material matters. The truth is that giving does NOT only apply to objects. The greatest gift one can give is love and knowledge. Love cannot be purchased, and knowledge never gets old. Love isn't seasonal and never goes out of style. Knowledge stays with you forever. No matter what your income status is YOU TOO can be Santa. If you search deep down, you can make it #xmas everyday for the people close to you. I have seen many people discard old #toys and #sneakers, I have NEVER seen people discard love and knowledge. It's #tuesday and yes this is a #christmaspost coming from a fucking Jewish kid! There shouldn't have to be a set day for people to be kind to others. There should never be only one date to show people you love and care. As much as gifts are dope to unwrap, sometimes the best gifts don't need wrapping at all! Merry Christmas from the Vintage Frames Family, may all of your dreams come true in #2013#morninginspiration #vintageframes