From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Reality Check"

Waiting for something to happen is weak. Leaving your future to chance is ignorant. Jumping before looking is dumb. Planning and executing, is ambitious. People who sit around waiting for shit too happen are the most ignorant kind of people I know. Spectators on life, the only place they will end up is exactly where they are. Too many people feel entitled to this "dream" of life that never happens because they never make it happen. The sooner we all realize that we are NOT owed anything from anyone, the better we will be. As #xmas approaches I hear all kinds of my friends are sitting waiting for people to give them shit. Imagine if they would just get up and do it themselves, there would be NO chance of being disappointed. People that rely on hand-outs because they are lazy need to stay away from me. Charity is for people in need, NOT for people who feel they are owed. If you have been a spectator too life, wake the fuck up you are waisting your time and ours! The only thing you can really hope for this #christmas is to get your ducks in a row. The greatest gift anyone can give you for #xmas is a kick in the ass, and a pat on the back. It's time to be #santa, not an elf. It's#monday and watching all these anxious fuckers push people around in stores looking for last minute gifts REALLY makes me loose faith in parts of society. Handing out to the fortunate when they are capable to do is the worst gift to provide the lazy. Helping them acknowledge that they CAN accomplish will be a gift that keeps on providing. Nobody has ever been helped by being pitied, all that does is help someone facilitate to make excuses. The best gift for those entitled pricks sitting on their ass doing FUCK ALL with their lives waiting for something to happen, is a REALITY CHECK. #morninginspiration #vintageframes